BMTC ‘342R’ Bus Route & Timings

Bangalore city bus with Route No. 342R is run by BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation). BMTC Route No. 342R originates from Shivajinagar Bus Station Bus Stop and ends at Sarjapura Bus Stop.

This Bengaluru city bus passes through a total of 38 bus stations during the entire journey. Choose BMTC while travelling in Bangalore City for quality, safe, reliable, clean and affordable travel.

Overview of BMTC Bus Route No. 342R

BMTC Bus Route No. ‘342R’ Timings, Stops, Route & Time Table
Bus Route Number 342R
Origin Shivajinagar Bus Station
Destination Sarjapura
Passing through 38 Bus Stations
Total Journey Time 01:25 Min.
Total Distance 37.08 KM

BMTC Route No. 342R List of Bus Stop’s / Route Map

Daily this BMTC bus runs between Shivajinagar Bus Station Bus Stop and Sarjapura Bus Stop and the total distance between both points is about 37.08 KM. Route No. 342R bus covers a total of 38 bus stops from starting point to end point. Below is the detailed list of stops in this route:

Stop No. Bus Stop Name & Address
1 Shivajinagar Bus Station (Beside Bmtc Bus Stand), Shivaji Nagara
2 Mg Statue
3 Museum Kasturba Road
4 St Joseph Boys High School
5 Richmond Circle
6 Kh Road
7 Shanthi Nagara Bus Station
8 Wilson Garden Police Station (Beside Kittur Rani Channamma Parklakkasandra), Wilson Garden
9 Wilson Garden 12th Cross (Opposite of Prestige Kitechen Smart), Wilson Garden
10 Lakkasandra (Opposite of Nimahans Convention Center)
11 Nimhans Hospital (In Front of Nimhans Hospital Gate)
12 Bangalore Dairy Circle
13 Muneshwara Temple (Beside Chousia Iti Polytechnic College), Sadgunte Palya
14 Jn of Hosur Road (Opposite of Staple)
15 St Johns Hospital
16 Koramangala Water Tank
17 John Fowler (Opposite of Ksrp Quarters), Koramanagala
18 Koramangala
19 Agara Junction
20 Ibbaluru Sarjapura Road
21 Bellanduru Gate Sarjapura Road
22 Kaikodrahalli
23 Sarjapura Wipro
24 Doddakannalli
25 Carmelaram Gate
26 Ambedkar Nagara, Ambedkarnagara
27 Kodathi Gate
28 Gouthamagara
29 Chandapura Cross
30 Dommasandra Circle (In Front of Avadhooth Shri Guru Govardhan Swami Ashram), Dommasandra
31 Dommasandra
32 Chambenahalli Gate
33 Tchuddadenahalli
34 Yamare
35 Apartment Sarjapura Road
36 Sompura Gate
37 Sarjapura Police Station (Police Station)
38 Sarjapura

BMTC Time Table for Route No. 342R (Shivajinagar Bus Station – Sarjapura)

Please find the Time table for the BMTC bus Route No. 342R below. Kindly note that bus timings given below are just for your reference only. Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation updates the Route No. 342R bus timings at regulars intervals and as and when there are any changes. In order to see the up to date time table for Route No. 342R do not forget to check the Route No. 342R webpage on official BMTC Website .

Departure Timings at Shivajinagar Bus Station Bus Stop for Route No. 342R
  • First Bus
  • 07:40 hrs
  • 17:20 hrs
  • 21:00
  • Last Bus
Arrival Timings at Sarjapura Bus Stop for Route No. 342R
  • First Bus
  • 09:05 hrs
  • 18:50 hrs
  • 22:15
  • Last Bus
Departure Timings at Sarjapura Bus Stop for Route No. 342R
  • First Bus
  • 06:10 hrs
  • 07:25 hrs
  • 09:10 hrs
  • 15:45 hrs
  • 18:55
  • Last Bus
Arrival Timings at Shivajinagar Bus Station Bus Stop for Route No. 342R
  • First Bus
  • 07:35 hrs
  • 08:45 hrs
  • 10:35 hrs
  • 17:15 hrs
  • 20:25
  • Last Bus

Many places in Bengaluru have more than one name, for e.g., Majestic Bangalore is also known as Kempegowda Bus Station, so do try searching different variations to get all possible routes. If you are not able to find a particular bus stop, try searching for nearby stops. Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation reaches far and wide, in every nook and corner of the city, making public transport an attractive travel choice for everyone.

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