BMTC ‘306MA’ Bus Route & Timings

Bangalore city bus with Route No. 306MA is run by BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation). BMTC Route No. 306MA originates from Tin Factory Bus Stop and ends at Jayamangala Bus Stop.

This Bengaluru city bus passes through a total of 46 bus stations during the entire journey. Choose BMTC while travelling in Bangalore City for quality, safe, reliable, clean and affordable travel.

Overview of BMTC Bus Route No. 306MA

BMTC Bus Route No. ‘306MA’ Timings, Stops, Route & Time Table
Bus Route Number 306MA
Origin Tin Factory
Destination Jayamangala
Passing through 46 Bus Stations
Total Journey Time 01:15 Min.
Total Distance 27.9 KM

BMTC Route No. 306MA List of Bus Stop’s / Route Map

Daily this BMTC bus runs between Tin Factory Bus Stop and Jayamangala Bus Stop and the total distance between both points is about 27.9 KM. Route No. 306MA bus covers a total of 46 bus stops from starting point to end point. Below is the detailed list of stops in this route:

Stop No. Bus Stop Name & Address
1 Tin Factory (Opposite of Sudhir Weigh Bridge), Dooravani Nagara
2 town Hall
3 Corporation office
4 St Joseph Boys High School
5 Richmond Circle
6 Stjosephs College
7 Mayohall
8 Electric B Station (B Station), M G Road
9 Trinity Circle
10 Philips Millenium
11 Halasuru
12 Bmtc Depot-6
13 Binnamangala
14 Isolation Hospital
15 Ngef
16 Srinivasapura
17 Benniganahalli
18 Tin Factory (Opposite of Sudhir Weigh Bridge), Dooravani Nagara
19 Kr Puram Railway Station (Back Side of Railway Station), Kr Puram
20 B Narayanapura (Opposite of Sri Manjunatha Steel Alloys), Dooravani Nagara
21 Mahadevapura Cross (In Front of Basaveshwara Khanavali), Hoodi
22 Singayyanpallya (Opposite of Bimal Auto Agency), Hoodi
23 Garudachar Palya (In Front of Xylem Air Bus), Hoodi
24 Bhorka Steel (In Front of Abb. Bhoruka Tech Park), Garudachar Palya
25 Hoodi (In Front of Netra Hotel Veg & Non Veg)
26 Rajapalya (Beside Muthoot Finance)
27 Pattandur Agrahara Gate (In Front of Appolo Pharmacy)
28 Itpl (Opposite of I.T.P.L. Main Gate)
29 B P L (Opposite of Cinema Hall)
30 Hope Form (In Front of Farm House)
31 Mvj College (Opposite of Enchanted Woods)
32 Channasandra (Opposite of Muthoot Finanace)
33 thirumalashettyhalli Cross (In Front of S.L.V.Fast Ood)
34 Samethanahalli (In Front of Aladamara)
35 Bhodana Hosahalli (Beside Govt. Milk Dairy)
36 Dunnasandra (In Front of Govt. School)
37 Dunnasandra Cross (In Front of Sri Parvathi Jewellers)
38 D Hosahalli Cross (Beside Renuka Maheshwari Wood Works), Devanagondi
39 Devanagundi (In Front of, Devanagondi
40 Medahalli Cross
41 Bn Bache Gowda Badavane (In Front of Govt. School)
42 Handenahalli (In Front of Govt. Urudu School)
43 Narayankere (Opposite of Govt. School)
44 Lakkauru Circle (Opposite of Govt. Junior College)
45 Kodahalli (In Front of Residential Area)
46 Jayamangala (Near Kodahalli), Jayamangala

BMTC Time Table for Route No. 306MA (Tin Factory – Jayamangala)

Please find the Time table for the BMTC bus Route No. 306MA below. Kindly note that bus timings given below are just for your reference only. Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation updates the Route No. 306MA bus timings at regulars intervals and as and when there are any changes. In order to see the up to date time table for Route No. 306MA do not forget to check the Route No. 306MA webpage on official BMTC Website .

Departure Timings at Tin Factory Bus Stop for Route No. 306MA
  • First Bus
  • 05:20 hrs
  • 08:00 hrs
  • 14:15 hrs
  • 16:55 hrs
  • 20:00
  • Last Bus
Arrival Timings at Jayamangala Bus Stop for Route No. 306MA
  • First Bus
  • 06:35 hrs
  • 09:15 hrs
  • 15:30 hrs
  • 18:10 hrs
  • 21:15
  • Last Bus
Departure Timings at Jayamangala Bus Stop for Route No. 306MA
  • First Bus
  • 04:00 hrs
  • 06:40 hrs
  • 09:45 hrs
  • 15:35 hrs
  • 18:40
  • Last Bus
Arrival Timings at Tin Factory Bus Stop for Route No. 306MA
  • First Bus
  • 05:15 hrs
  • 07:55 hrs
  • 11:00 hrs
  • 16:50 hrs
  • 19:55
  • Last Bus

Many places in Bengaluru have more than one name, for e.g., Majestic Bangalore is also known as Kempegowda Bus Station, so do try searching different variations to get all possible routes. If you are not able to find a particular bus stop, try searching for nearby stops. Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation reaches far and wide, in every nook and corner of the city, making public transport an attractive travel choice for everyone.

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